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Monday, April 14, 2014


 This is Our Women's Ministry for Church!! We are Promoting Intimacy and Knowledge in Christ Jesus.  We meet Monday nights at 7pm!!! Watch the link below and see what we are about :)


Come on out and check it out and come say Hi!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Iron Girl Race Day.....

Today is the day for my first 5k!!!  I am so excited to run this "Iron Girl 5K!"  I have been training for it and running outside to get ready for this event.  I have two goals for this 5K and they are: 1) To run without walking and 2) To finish in 40 minutes!!  So these are the two goals that I am focused on!!!
Scroll down below to see my journey :)

Arrived at 6am on Race Day!!!

Standing by the Start Line!!


Throwing up "deuces" for the Hubby!!!

I was pumped to start the run and was full of energy!!

Approaching the Finish Line!!!

Finished Strong!!!!!

My Hubby was there to support me!!! I saw him at the Starting Line and Finish Line cheering me on!!!

My Results Below:

I finished in 30:17!!!! My goal was 40 minutes and I finished Before my goal time!!!  I kept a pace of 9:47 minute/mile.  In my division of ages 30-34 I placed 54 place out of 336 women in that age range.  My overall place was 296 out of 2,410 women!!!

I had the best time doing this experience and my husband and I actually held eachother and cried together at the finish line.  I had so many emotions going through my mind because I remember months ago when I signed up for this race and I was out of shape and heavier and could barely run.  My goal after having my second child was to do this race and not stop and finish in a good time.  I hugged my husband and we cried and the first thing I said to him was: "I didn't walk at all, not once did I walk at all!!"  I repeated that statement several times and we just hugged and cried.  Carlos is so proud of me because he has seen me from beginning to now!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Clearwater Half Marathon & 5K Iron Girl

I have just officially picked up my Running Bib, My Tracker, and My T-Shirt for the race on Sunday!!!!  This is my first race that I will be running after having my children and I feel empowered!!!  My Husband is coming with my on Sunday and will be cheering me on along the sidelines!!  We just found out that there is also an App on his phone that he can download to where he can track my number and see where I am at during this race.  

I am more excited and nervous because I want to do well and my goal is to run the entire race and not walk.  I honestly feel I will be able to do this, because of the training I have been doing in the past few months.

I did look at the Running Course and I found out that we are running over the "Memorial Causeway" which is a huge bridge that connects to "Clearwater Beach."  When I first saw the course map I started to laugh because I did not expect to be running over a bridge.  I actually called my Father for advice because he has ran in the NYC Marathon 8times and is a runner.  He gave me great tips on things to do while I am running, so I am going to apply those on Sunday.

Race Day is Sunday 4/13/14 at 7:30am.  My Husband and I are going to get there at 6am so we can park and get situated and I will have time to stretch and check-in.  

I will post pictures and updates after I complete my race!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home.....

We have just moved into our first home as a family!!!!  We are almost done moving, and we are getting settled in!! I feel like I am dreaming!!!  I was sitting outside yesterday and watching my son play on the porch with his sand box and it was so nice to sit outside on our porch.  Last night, my husband and I sat outside at night on our patio in the back and talked and enjoyed the night sky.  I am so thankful for what the Lord has blessed us with!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Updates, Updates, Updates.........2014!!!!!

This blog post is updates for our family!!! My husband and I have just started moving into our new home and we are so thrilled!! God has truly blessed us with this home and we dedicate this home to the Lord!!!  We cannot wait to have peace and quiet in our home and raise our children in this beautiful home.  We are slowly moving things in the home and we should be all moved in within a week and then we can continue living as normal :).

We have been seeing favor of God moving in our family to where there is true blessing and peace!!!  The Lord God is moving so powerful to where we have been seeing miracles and blessings!!!

I am running in my first 5k next week and I am so excited to do this run because I have been training for it for a few months.  For me being 5'2 and not like running, has truly challenged me to discipline myself into running on a regular basis, and I have slowly started to enjoy running.  I will post updates next week on how the run goes along with pictures.

I will actually be training in June for a Half Marathon (13.2 Miles) that will take place in November.  I am going to be training for 5 months so I will be able to complete this 13.2 Mile Marathon in November.  This is a personal goal that I want for myself because it will be a HUGE accomplishment for myself to say that I ran 13.2 Miles!!!  My goal is to run the entire Marathon and not walk!!!  I am training the right way so I know that this will be possible!!  I will post updates in the next few months to explain my training process for this event in November!!

My husband and I are celebrating our 4 year Wedding Anniversary this month!!!! It is such a blessing to be married for 4 years and have two beautiful children!!  We adore our family so much and we are doing things Gods Way, so we know God looks after us!!!  It will be amazing to celebrate our 4 year Wedding Anniversary in our new home!!

I am involved in helping lead Women in a 4 week Bible Series at our Church.  I am expecting and believing the Holy Spirit to move on these Women and empower them with who they are in Christ Jesus. I am planning on posting updates with pictures to really show what God is doing with this group of women!!!

As you can see there are many things this year to be thankful for and I just wanted to share what God has been doing in our little family!!! We serve a Mighty God!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy 30th Birthday......

March 19, 2014 marks my 30th Birthday!!! I am so blessed and thankful for this 30th Birthday!! I have my amazing family that I cherish everyday.  I have my health and I am in the same shape that I was BEFORE I had both of my children!!  My heart is on fire for God and God is moving mightily in my life and I am overwhelmed by HIS goodness. I can honestly say that this is my best birthday so far!!!  God has been recently opening up such a blessing that I cannot contain and I am just lifting my arms up high and praising him as his blessing is pouring out on our family.

2014 Has been a phenomenal year and so much has happened!!!  

God is moving on our Women's Group so strong and powerful to where lives are being changed!!  Rafa is healed and whole, Gabe is growing and learning so much in school and loves it!!  Carlos and I are coming up on our 4 year Wedding Anniversary and we are moving into our first home next month!!!

I can honestly say that I know for the first time in my life I am right where God wants me to be.  I give praise and thankfulness to Jesus Christ!!!

This is what Carlos and I go by for our Marriage!!! I wanted to share this with everyone!!