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Katy Rose
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I wanted to talk about an important subject and go into detail on the definition.  

Blindness:  the state or condition of being unable to see because of injury, disease, or a congenital condition.  Lack of perception, awareness, or judgement; ignorance.

We all can understand the condition of blindness, it doesn't matter your race, age, gender, maturity level, religious belief, etc.  We all have heard of someone that suffers from blindness or we personally know someone that is blind. That person is not able to see and they have to rely on their other senses to guide them.  

There is another form of blindness that i want to mention that not many people talk about.  There is such a thing called: Spiritual Blindness.  I will go into the definition below and go into greater detail.

Spiritual Blindness: To not see Christ, and to not see Christ, is to not see God.  Those who reject Christ are lost and choose to not accept the teachings of Christ. They do not understand Gods manifestations as things are revealed through his word.  

The god of this world has blinded their minds to keep them from seeing the light of gospel of Christ Jesus.  If we do not have God then we fall into the devil's schemes and in the end God turns us over to spiritual blindness and eternal condemnation.  

This is harder to wrap our minds around because the first definition of blindness is physical.  This second one is Spiritual.  We cannot see it with our eyes but we can feel it with our senses and in our actions of behavior.  I want to paint a very vivid picture because I am visual person.  I want you to visualize 100 people walking around.  All of them are alive, awake, walking, talking, driving to work, working out, playing with their children, sleeping, watching t.v, etc. But 50 of them are Spiritually Awake and the other half are Spiritually Dead.  Now you ask what does Spiritually Awake mean?  This means that when you have Jesus as Lord and Savior the old sinful nature is gone and you are now a new creation IN Christ Jesus.  The key here is that we are to be found IN HIM!! On our own we are Spiritually dead and have NO hope.  

There is a spiritual division that goes on in our world today and it stays hidden behind the scenes.  There are people that are easily led by their feelings and situations and this is scary because you can be easily used by the enemy and be led astray.  There are people that cannot see the BIG picture and do not see clearly.  We are taught to not be moved by the things of this world because this world will pass away.  We are to focus on our eternity because that is forever and whether we want to believe it or not there are two places we will end up.  (Heaven or Hell)  

That is why it is so important to remain faithful to Jesus through these trying times.  We do not want to get baited by our feelings and emotions.  Some relatives could be Spiritually Dead, co-workers could be Spiritually Dead.  We need to share the good news of Jesus and let out actions do the talking.  Don't bring others down.  It isn't about being "right" it is about being Jesus here on earth and trying to BE Love and show others that Jesus loves them too and came to earth just for them!!  

Many religions make you pay money, force things on you, and make you pay a price.  In Christianity, Jesus PAID it all!!! We are told to come to him sick in our sin and heavy burdened and he will carry our sins so we can be found blameless.  He is to take our weight and give us rest.  He is our Healer, He is our Strength, He is our Comfort, He is our Sustainer, He is the Glory and Lifter of our heads, He is our Refuge, He is our Shield, He is the Last Adam, He is the Alpha and Omega, He is the Beginning and The End, He is our Shepherd,  We too once were  lost and he went out  to find the one astray to bring us back to the 99.  He cares about the one that is lost.  Let us be mighty vessels of Christ and go out and do HIS calling and be love, preach love, do not condemn others this is not our job.  We were once lost and blind but now we can see and we are able to fully receive God's love and forgiveness. EVERY person deserves to experience Jesus.  

Monday, November 28, 2016

Get Fit With Me For December.....

December 1st is around the corner and I wanted to encourage you to come and do this challenge with me.  I am always doing new goals and I have decided to do 3-A-Days for the entire month of December!!!  This means I will be doing three workouts a day for the entire month of December!!  I thought it would be fun if I shared my challenge and maybe have some others do this with me and we can hold each other accountable.  It is important to have someone to check in with and to have cheer you on!!  I am going to post a list of workouts below that I have found on Pinterest and decided to do.  Feel free to find one or several that interest you.  I will also list my specific plan below so that way if you want to do the exact same as myself, then you are able to.  There will be a few rules below to make it fun and interesting, so feel free to join in.  I will be doing ALL of my posts, updates, check-ins on my fitness Instagram Account: KatyRoseTrains.  If you have any questions feel free to message me, email me, etc.  Let's do this challenge together and get healthy together!!  Let's get fit for 31 days in December and start healthy habits!!!

Here are the 10 Series of Different Workouts Below:

Cardio Circuit 1

Glutes Workout 2

Total Body Workout 3

Variety Workout 4

Squat Workout 5

Speed Workout 6

My 3-A-Day Workout Schedule

Monday- Morning Session: Speed Workout 6
Afternoon Session: Variety Workout 4
Night Session: 3.1 Mile Run

Tuesday- Morning Session: 3.1 Mile Run
Afternoon Session:  Squat Workout 5
Night Session: Total Body Workout 3

Wednesday- Morning Session: Glutes Workout 2
Afternoon Session: Variety Workout 4
Night Session: 3.1 Mile Run

Thursday- Morning Session: Cardio Circuit 1
Afternoon Session: Speed Workout 6
Night Session: 3.1 Mile Run

Friday- Morning Session: Squat Workout 5
Afternoon Session: Variety Workout 4
Night Session: 3.1 Mile Run

Saturday- Morning Session: Cardio Circuit 1
Afternoon Session:Speed Workout 6
Night Session: 3.1 Mile Run

Sunday- Morning Session: Squat Workout 5
Afternoon Session: Glutes Workout 2
Night Session: 3.1 Mile Run


1. Weigh yourself on Day 1 (DO NOT LOOK AT THE SCALE!! Step on the scale and have someone else write down your weight on a piece of paper and then have them put it away in a place that you do not know!)
The goal is to NOT be obsessed with the scale and with weight.  It will just be done at the first day and last day.  On the last day of the challenge you can see how much weight you lost in 31 days from this challenge!!

2.  Have someone else take your measurements on a piece of paper, and once again DO NOT look at it.  Have them put this information with your weight number and on the last day have them measure you again and that way you can see how many inches you lost in 31 days!!

3. Check in with me as MANY times as needed during this challenge.  If you are struggling/need encouragement/tips/etc.
My Email: zlkaty@aol.com
My Instagram: KatyRoseTrains
My Facebook: KatyRose Nogales

4. Take "BEFORE" pictures.  These are for your eyes only!!! Then at the end of the challenge take an "AFTER" photo and put them side by side so you can see all of the changes your body has made in the 31 days!!

5.  Take your time, pace yourself and workout smart!! Drink plenty of fluids, make smart choices with eating, and do the best you can!!  It is important to remind yourself that you are doing SOMETHING!! 
Something is better than NOTHING!!!  

I am excited to have others do this challenge with me, please feel free to invite others to do this with us.  The more the better!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Am Not A Survivor, I Am A Warrior......

Every single person has been through rough situations.  We ALL have struggles and issues.  Nobody is perfect, we all sin.  If we were perfect, then we wouldn't need a Savior to save us from our sins.  I am not saying that I have it all together, or have it all figured out.  What I can say, is that I am a constant work IN Progress, I am always Under Construction, and my eyes are being opened Daily!!  The moment you stop learning, you stop growing.  The purpose of this post is to hopefully empower others to not make excuses.  I love the example of "worry" from Joyce Meyer

The next issue is something that needs to be learned, and it is quite the hard one to learn.  Forgiveness from others/ the past/ and to forgive yourself.  When I would teach in the church this is the most common issue I noticed that believers struggle with.  It is easy to hold onto anger and create a list of someone else's wrong doings.  How about looking in the mirror and only looking at yourself!! You are responsible for what YOU do, not OTHERS!!  What if it was the other person's fault?  CHOOSE TO FORGIVE!  What if they never say they are sorry or own up to it?  CHOOSE FORGIVENESS! 
" Well, I will only forgive them if I see change..."  You are NOT the judge, God is!!  We do not have any right to hold judgment over anyone.  

There is no "Winning" in this life, there are constant lessons to be learned.  The sooner you can forgive, then the happier you will be.  Our past does NOT dictate our future.  There are two types of people in this life: Victims, and Warriors!

What Category Do You Fall Into????

Not everyone has a great start, but you sure as heck can have an awesome finish!!!  It took me years to learn and figure out my obstacles.  I could not figure out how to overcome them, and then I learned to forgive and let go.  God will judge each and every person according to what they have done.  I am no better than anyone else.  I have become a strong woman because I have decided to do it Gods Way and become a Warrior for his kingdom.  There is something powerful about opening the Living Word of God and having him speak to you through it and bring it to life!!  It is the most incredible thing when you can share something you have struggled with and encourage a brother or sister so they don't have to go through what you went through.  

There is something beautiful about being vulnerable in our struggles and opening up to others that we know and trust.  We are here in this life to encourage one another and uplift each other.  Our society constantly tears each and every person down and gives a list of each person wrong doings.  Understand that we are ALL broken and need love from one another.  The moment we stop looking at others and focusing on ourselves, then we can start to truly dig deep and work on ourselves.

So what can you learn from this blog post???  To stop looking at others, and focus on yourself.  Do you want to be a survivor or a warrior?  

Survivor- A person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event.
The Remainder of a group of people or things.
A person who copes well with difficulties in their life.

Warrior- A Brave or experienced soldier or fighter.  Fearsome Warrior

Two pictures come to mind when I see Survivor/Warrior.  To be a Survivor is to come out alive but still shaking and can barely take the next step.  To be a Warrior, it is a person brushing off doubt and being brave,taking action, and running towards a target.

So now that you are a Warrior, how do you fight??  

All of the fighting is done in prayer!!!  That is how you battle supernaturally!  We are not in a physical fight!!  The sooner you realize that, then you can start fighting properly and effectively.  This life is hard and un-fair, but instead of complaning and surrounding ourselves with others that agree with us, why not start changing and stop complaining!  How about putting on love, even when you don't feel like it.  It is a CHOICE!!  We cannot rely on our feelings, because they are unstable and subject to change.  If you want to be victorious, start praying!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It Starts With You......

Are you a Parent?  If so, then this message is JUST FOR YOU!!!  I have a statement for each and every parent..... IT STARTS WITH YOU!!!

What am I referring to?  Your child/children.  Studies show that the first 2-3 years of life, a child will have learned behavior and have learned values and morals.  If you put time into your child on what is acceptable and what is not, then you have a head start!!  This takes TIME and EFFORT.  It is not easy to put down the technology and take time out of your day to sit down and teach/play with your child.  But this is your JOB as a parent!!!  Society teaches us to have technology entertain our children and for parents to be glued to their phones.  Put down your phone and parent your child!!! Do not expect schools to do it, churches to do it, or someone else to do it.  What you put in, you will get out!!!

Being a Stay At Home Mom was challenging because it is VERY HARD WORK!!  Stay at home mothers and fathers do NOT get enough credit for this job.  There should be paid days off, vacation days, sick days, and bonuses!!  Round of applause for every stay at home parent.  When I was home with my children it was a full time job, there were no breaks.  Yes it would of been easy to stick my kids in front of the television and have them entertained ALL Day, but I knew that was the wrong thing to do.  We were always outdoors doing activities because fresh air is good for you, and I want to have healthy active kids.  I didn't want our children to be un-healthy.  I myself learned that I needed to be active and healthy as well because I want to be able to chase my children and not have my behind glued to a park bench on my phone.  I want to encourage you to lead by example.  What is important to YOU, will be important to THEM.

It is important to be on the same page with your spouse.   My husband and I knew from the very beginning about respecting others, being kind, saying please and thank you, right and wrong, and MOST IMPORTANTLY ABOUT OUR SAVIOR JESUS!!!  This was taught from the VERY BEGINNING.  I myself never knew about Jesus until grade school.  But let me explain, there is a difference about "learning about Jesus" and "personally knowing him."  I learned all about him, but never received him as my own.  This was NOT going to be passed down in our home.  Our children know who Jesus is and love him and receive him.  Jesus is actively alive in our home and in our children's hearts.  So my suggestion to you is grab a list and get with your mate and decide what is most important for your children to learn in your home.  Then figure out ways to teach your children.

The next important lesson is to teach your children that NOT ALL KIDS ARE POURED INTO.  Do not expect others to have your same values and morals.  There are many that do NOT have Jesus, and many children who do not have parents pouring into them and guiding them.  Many times children will go off to school and start seeing other kids behavior and pick it up by habit and bring it home and act it out.  This is our job as parents to once again reinstate that what some children do, is not acceptable in "our" home.

When I became a parent there was never a guideline on how to raise kids.  There is no equation that works for every family.  I had to learn by trial and error.  I still to this day am learning by trial and error.  It is ok to make mistakes and be human and drop the ball.  I want my children to understand I am not perfect and mommy and daddy will let you down.  Not on purpose, but because we are human.  But JESUS will NEVER let you down!!! Jesus is President in our home and Resident in our home!!!  So let this message encourage you to spend time with your children and put in the effort.  The payoff will be HUGE!!!  Invest in your children.  Time is precious and you can never get it back.  Be silly with your children and let your hair down.  Have fun, enjoy them!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Time is priceless.  Time cannot be bought.  Time cannot be earned.  Time cannot be recovered.  Once it is gone, it is gone forever!  This concept needs to be president in our lives.  Time spent with family and loved ones is precious and MANY times people take it for granted.  Many believe there will always be another day to make up for it, but if you remember in God's Word it states we are to focus on today, and today only.  We are not guaranteed another day. 

 Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of it's own.  Matthew 6:34.

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know awhat a day may bring.  Proverbs 27:1

How much TIME do you spend on your phone?  How much TIME do you spend watching TV?  How much TIME do you spend working out?  How much TIME do you spend reading Gods Word? How much TIME do you spend with your family? 

By answering these questions, you will see what is most important to you.  I am reminded of this even more now since I am a Mother and have children.  I am reminded that these moments are priceless, and I will NEVER get them back.  Having family members being absent I am reminded of all the memories that THEY are missing and these are regrets that they will have in due time.  I don't ever want TIME being robbed from me or memories being taken from me.  I read an article from a Pastor that said the number one thing people wish for on their death bed is: " More TIME with their loved ones and they have regret from wasting TIME on things that didn't matter."  People don't wish for more money, or a bigger home, or a nicer car.  That is why the Bible says "  Do not store up for yourselves treatsures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  Matthew 6:19

So I want to point out again what are you doing with your time?  It is so important to not be careless and lazy with it.  We need to make sure we PLAN ON PURPOSE to make sure we use our time wisely.  Everyone has the SAME number of hours in a day.  Do you ever notice it seems that some are able to accomplish so much more than others?  It honestly takes looking yourself straight in the mirror and being honest with yourself!  I only have control over what I do with MY time, and I am stating this BOLDLY...

The phone WILL be put down
I WILL be outdorrs playing with my children
I WILL not be on social media at home
I WILL take care of my body while on earth
I WILL keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and stand firmly on his word
My Family WILL know how much I love them and how my life revolves around them.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Fitness Motivation

  My Fitness journey is on-going and WILL always be on-going.  I don’t feel there will ever be a moments where I am like “YES!!!”  Before I started my fitness journey after I had both of my children, I was always told that fitness is a “lifestyle change.”  It is something that needs to be incorporated DAILY and WEEKLY.  There can be days off and “breaks” but that can only be for a short time.  There have been many instances where I worked my butt off then took 3 weeks off, and with that long of a break, I end up having to start over again.  If you are tired of starting over, then DON’T STOP!!  As long as you keep going then you are IN PROGRESS!!  

We can end up putting too much pressure on ourselves and have un-realistic expectations.  We need to cut ourselves a break and be realistic.  Changes are NOT going to happen overnight.  Everything good takes time.  It is worth the weight and it is worth the effort.  If it was easy, then everyone would be healthy and in shape.  The best message that keeps me motivated is seeing my children every day.  I want them to see my transformation, I want them to have a strong healthy mother that can chase them and play sports with them.  Many times as people age they let themselves get out of shape because they are too tired or busy with work.  Many times parents are not able to play with their children or keep up with them.  I vowed to myself that as I become older, I will continue striving to be in the best shape of my life.  I will be in better shape then when I was in my 20’s.  I will never stop making new goals for me to complete, and I will never stop running.  

I never want someone to look at me and think “wow that looks easy, or she has it made.”  I literally bust my butt with training.  I know that if I didn’t do it, then I wouldn’t be the best version of me that I could be.  It is important to encourage others and have inspiration from others.  I love looking at people training and their workout plans.  It makes me feel like I am part of a fitness family.  My motto is always Faith & Fitness.  You cannot have one without the other. 

I want to challenge you to make a plan and stick to it.  Hold your head high and be the BEST version of you for yourself and for your family!! You deserve it!! They deserve it!!!  You will FEEL better, FEEL stronger, and BE healthier.  I love being an open book with my on-going journey, and that is what my Instagram fitness account is all about (Instagram: KatyRoseTrains)  I even have a website that has everything on it (Website: KatyRoseTrains.com)  I love to encourage and motivate others while doing it myself!!! 

  Be blessed,

Monday, February 29, 2016


There needs to be a revival of God’s people. It seems like recently there has been such an increase of violence around the world.  There have been news story after news story of terror happening all over our world.  This honestly causes a stir in me as to where I get angry.  It isn’t the type of anger that most would think about though that I am referring to.  This message is directed towards Gods people.  We need to rise up and take back what the enemy has stolen.  Why at times do we lay down and accept things happening to us and around us?  We have been given unlimited power from what Jesus conquered at the cross and at times we go out and do not properly have our armor on.  We need to be fighting in spiritual warfare for the violence happening all over the world. We need to be interceding on loved ones and strangers.  Many times we will hear something and say “Wow that is too bad.”  Saying that does absolutely nothing!! Angels do not move on words like that.  We need to be quoting the Word of God and standing firm in our faith.  We need to get Gods Word deep into our hearts so we can pull it up at any time.  I honestly believe with my whole heart that we could be seeing miracles like we read about in the Old Testament, but the church has grown lazy.  Where is your fight?  This message is to not condemn anyone, but to cause a stir.  This should make us want to do something about it.  That “something” is getting on our knees and fighting where it truly matters: Spiritually.  The Spiritual Realm is where EVERYTHING happens, and we need to fight properly, and that is with prayer.  We ALREADY overcome, now we just need to STAND in what Christ ALREADY did and speak it into existence over what we are believing God for.  I saw something on the news today that caused this stir in me, and it got me fired up.  I am not preaching just to you, but to myself.  I felt the urgent need to post this blog because I feel the Church of Jesus Christ needs to properly stand firm on the solid foundation, which is God’s Word and CONTINUALLY fight.  We need to finish this race stronger than when we started!!! Fight!!! Fight!! Fight!!!