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Katy Rose
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Frame It"

I am sure the title of this blog post has caught your attention, and you are interested in knowing what I am referring to!  I want to ask a question to you and have you think about it, before you answer.

What Are You Believing God For????

Are you believing God for: Restoration? Healing? Closure? Peace? Miracle? Finances? Relationship? Deliverance? Wisdom? Revelation? What are you believing him for?

Now that you answered it, my next question is this:
 What Have You Done About It????

It is great to know what you want from God, but have you done any action on your part?  It is easy to say something and then just sit back, and kick your feet up and wait on God.  God operates on Faith!!  It is the exchange of currency for us to give to God.  We need to have faith on our part and it needs to be mixed with 100% trust.  We cannot waiver back and forth and try to put the trust in ourselves and what we can do.  It is always about what HE can do!!  I am going to share a personal story of what my Husband and I decided to do for our family.  We were believing God for certain things and we decided to take action and do our part!!  Enjoy!! :)

My Husband and I were believing God for Two Main things!!  We were believing God for:
1) A stable job for my Husband and 2) A Home.
We found a logo of a company and printed it out and found a picture of a home that we both liked.  We then found scripture in the Bible that really stood out to us and personalized the scripture.  We added our names in the scripture!  We printed out all of the scriptures that we wanted, and started to "frame" what we were believing God for.  We understood that when you "frame" something with the Word of God, that NOTHING can get through to it.  We have God's protection in those particular areas.  When we were finished we put it up on the Mirror in our bathroom and the rule was that whenever we went into the bathroom that we had to pick a scripture on the picture and say it out loud!!  We were to constantly confess Gods Word on what we were believing God for!!  We did this for weeks and months.  We stood on Gods Word and we were not moved on the things we saw  around us.  My husband would continue to go on job interviews and some would call him back, and some would not.  It came down to a decision on which company to pick and we had to pray about the right path for him to go.  Before we could even make a decision, one of the job companies backed out and that was God's way of showing us that the company that backed out, was not the right job for my Husband.  With the "house" situation, we were renting an apartment at the time and our lease was coming up.  We did not like living an apartment because we have two small children and we were always thinking about our noise level because we had neighbors below and above us.  We felt like our kids couldn't be themselves and run around, because we had neighbors around us.  That always bothered my Husband and I.  God opened up certain doors at the last moment, and we were able to find a home, get approved, and move in after our lease was up!!  My Husband found a job that he absolutely loves, and the company has Christian values that they stand on!!  My Husband actually looks forward to going to work each day, and loves everyone that he works with.  The Lord has blessed him at this job, and my Husband looks forward to growing with this company!!  Below, is a picture of what we did.  So I want to ask you again...... What Are You Believing God For?   & What Are You Doing About It???

Monday, October 27, 2014

Faith & Fitness......

My blog is about my faith and what Jesus has done in my life.  I share my struggles and talk about life issues on my blog.  On this particular post I am going to do a short fitness update.  My main fitness page is on my Instagram Account: KatyRoseTrains

Today, 10/27/14 marks the day that I officially start my "Two-A-Days!!"  My Half-Marathon is less than 3 weeks away.  I am really excited about the race coming up, and I am making sure that I am ready and prepared.  My new fitness schedule is this:
    Morning: Gym (5 Days a Week)
    Evening: Home Workout (5 Days a Week)

I go early morning to the gym and stay for an hour and I make sure I run and lift weights.  I change up my variations and make sure I change it up.  I throw in some jump roping, kettle bells, squats, etc. I alternate arms and leg days and make sure to do them every other day.  I am not following a "plan" I am basically going day to day and seeing how my body feels.  I want to listen to my body and do what is best for it.  In the past, I have followed programs and I honestly ended up hurting myself because I did too much on my body.

For the evening time, I am very excited that my Husband and I are going to be doing "T-25!"  I am excited to have a partner to do this with, and I am happy that we will accomplish this intense program together.  We already did our measurements and took our "Before" photos.  The schedule for this program is 5 days a week and "double time" on Fridays.  This program will last for 2 months.  After the two months I will either do the program again, or just really step it up with my gym workout.

For all of my fitness updates please feel free to head on over to Instagram and start following me to see the latest updates!!!  I will keep you all posted on my progress!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letting Go Of Old Habits.....

As human beings, we tend to get "stuck" in our ways and end up developing habits.  Each person knows their biggest struggle, and what gives them a difficult time.

As Christians, we proclaim that Jesus is Lord and that we follow him by denying ourselves and carrying our crosses along with him.  It is very easy to look at each person and identify what is wrong with them, but the Bible teaches us that we are to examine the speck in our own eye and deal with ourselves.  Matthew 7:5- You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.  Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is to look at ourselves in the mirror and have a reality check.  We need to pray to the Holy Spirit for revelation and we need to use the Bible as a mirror and see if our lifestyles reflect what is written in it.  In relationships it is a two way street.  This deals with family members, spouses, kids, co-workers, friends, etc.

Usually when a dispute breaks out, you have one party explaining what the other person did wrong and not one time does that person admit something they did wrong.  It is easy to play the "victim" role and hear the violin music playing in the background to feel sorry for yourself.  As Christians, we are to be BOLD and Strong IN CHRIST!!!  We are to not be weary and weak!!  We need to recognize old habits and take captive of them and cast them down. 2 Corinthians 10:5- {In as much as we} refute arguments and theories and reasoning's and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the {true} knowledge of God; and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of Christ [the Messiah, the Anointed One].  We no longer have to be bound and settle for our old ways.  We are new creatures In Christ and a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17)  We do not have to receive what has been passed down from our family and we now have a new bloodline.  We have the bloodline of Jesus Christ!  Have you held up the Bible lately and used it as a mirror?  What was revealed to you?  Did you take it seriously and write it down?  Did you find scriptures to help you with your habits? What steps are you taking to help break the old habits?  These are questions that you need to ask yourself, and if you are serious about it, then you should write them down!!  It is very easy to be led by feelings, and move like the wind from one day to the next.  I am going to give each person a task:  Instead of complaining about someone else's weakness, focus on your own and make a plan to break it!!!!  Start by working on yourself, and stop focusing on what everybody else is doing.  Do not judge one another, and spend the time to focus on yourself and what you need to do.  We are all here to do a specific duty, and we are to use our gifts and talents to fulfill HIS will!!  I pray that this blog post spoke to your heart, and that you are able to officially let go of old habits!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


One of my favorite books in the Bible is Hebrews and I am currently going through it again!!  I love going over things I have already read in the Bible because each time God reveals something completely different from the first time around.  I absolutely love Hebrews 3:5 where it says " And Moses certainly was faithful in the administration of all God's house (but it was only) as a ministering servant.  (In his entire ministry he was but) a testimony to the throne which were to be spoken (the revelations to be given afterward in Christ)."

I LOVE this because it is a reminder that we are NOT here for "OUR" purpose and will.  So many times we get caught up in things that we believe are best for us.  We pursue our selfish desires and give in to them every time!!  Do we ever stop and seek counsel from God on what our next move should be?  Do we sit in silence and wait for God to answer back?  What if God tells you something that you are not comfortable with?  What if God tells you to quit your job tomorrow?  Could you do that?  Can you honestly say that you can trust God 100% and rely on him?  These are questions that we need to ask ourselves because it will show the true condition of our heart.  We can "fool" ourselves and others, but we cannot fool God.  He sees the true shape and condition of our heart.  I love the fact that this verse refers to Moses.  Moses was a bold character in the Bible and usually people who don't read Gods Word, at least know of Moses or heard of him.  Moses accomplished ALOT during his lifetime and he walked with the Lord and talked with him!!  This verse is a reminder that Moses had a purpose from the Father and it was HIS duty to fulfill it and walk it out.  Was Moses scared? Yes!!!  Did he experience Fear? Absolutely!!!  But Moses took step by step with God, and trusted him in his journey.  We are to do the same in our relationship with the Lord!!  We are here for a reason and it is our job to pray and seek his face DAILY and find our purpose.  We are to BE Jesus wherever we go and put HIS will above our own flesh.  Have you been offended lately?  That is from the enemy!!  The devil comes only to  steal, kill, and destroy!! (John 10:10) So if something is stealing you, killing you, and destroying you, then you know who it is from.  *** If you would like to read about the job duties of the devil click the link right here to read a blog post:

We are expected to know the difference between God and Satan, and each time choose God!!!  Will this take practice? Yes!!! Will we mess up? Yes!!!  That is why we are to stay aligned with God and walk with him and STAY under the shadow of the Almighty.

Another verse I love in Hebrews is 4:2 which says " For indeed we have had the glad tidings proclaimed to us just as truly as they (the Israelites of old did when the good news of deliverance from bondage came to them): but the message they heard did not benefit them, because it was not mixed with faith (with the leaning of the entire personality on God in absolute trust and confident in His power, wisdom, and goodness) by those who heard it: neither were they united in faith with the ones (Joshua and Caleb) who heard (did believe)."

We can see this scripture alive and well today in the world.  Some people get it, and some people do not.  Some walk around with blinders on and do not see the whole picture.  There are even some that call themselves followers that deceive themselves.  We are to have faith and lean our ENTIRE personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in HIS power, HIS wisdom, and HIS goodness!!  Do you see that it is all on HIM and not ourselves?  We are to not know the next move because we are trusting him to guide us!!  We need to STOP trying to be in control and take the drivers seat!!  I want to encourage you today to open up your Bible and start reading Hebrews!  Take your time going through it and highlight and write in your Bible.  Start to personalize your Bible and make it your own!!  Meditate on the things you read and ask God to speak to you!!  I pray this blog post has brought enlightenment, and that seeds were planted from the Word!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Journey

I am in the middle of my journey and it has been hardwork every step of the way! Nothing worth having ever comes easy.  If it was easy, then everyone would do it. I am on week 14 of my training and have 6 more weeks to go! If you would like to be a part of my journey please follow me on Instagram at: KatyRoseTrains
I am excited to be closer to my goal and cannot wait to see all of my hardwork finally pay off!!! Faith is #1 Fitness is #2

Friday, September 26, 2014

How To Look At God....

People have many views on how they look at God and perceive him.  Some look at him as "Controlling."  Some view him as "Punishing," and Some view him as "Love."  I am going to break down each three categories that I have listed.

 Some of my friends who are un-saved see God as Controlling and treating us as "puppets."  They see him as always having it "HIS way" and they do not feel the need to have God in their life because they do not want that control.  The best way I can answer this is to simply say this: They are not educated and they do not know any better.  If they truly understood the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then they would know that God is not like that at all.  Someone who is like that is: Satan.  Let us remember that Satan was a rebellious angel and the sin of "Pride" is what caused him to fall out of Heaven.  Satan viewed God as Controlling and wanted to become his OWN God and choose what is right and wrong.  Satan wanted to sit on the throne and call all of the shots, and wanted to make the decisions.  When people view God as "Controlling" then they are acting out of rebellion and their pride is getting puffed up.  The Gospel is very simple to understand, Jesus did not want to complicate it for us, and here he did ALL of the work for us.  We are only to acknowledge him as Lord and Savior, Acknowledge that we are sinners, and repent from our wicked ways. The change happens from the inside, and it begins in the heart.  Once you give your life to Jesus you will start to have revelation and see things in a way that you have never seen them before.  I myself personally have never viewed God as "Controlling," but I can relate with the next category.

I personally can relate with this viewpoint because I was raised Catholic and from the very beginning I was taught on how Powerful God is, and how we are to "make it up to him because we are such wicked sinners."  I grew up in fear of God, but not the type of fear that the Bible talks about.  I feared God to where I was scared of him and wanted nothing to do with him because I felt un-worthy and like a piece of trash.  I thought if I just avoided him, then I was good.  I had no relationship with him, nor did I want a relationship with someone that I was afraid of.  I felt each moment I messed up that he was going to pour fire down from Heaven on me.  There are many religions that teach this, and it robs people from a true personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Some religions get caught up in works and acts and to be 100% honest, that is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus did not need our help when he went to the cross.  His words on the cross were: "It Is Finished!"  We do not need to add onto anything he did.  It states in the Bible that Jesus is the ONLY Mediator between us and the Father.  I was taught from being Catholic that I needed to pray to Saints, go to a Priest for Confession, and to Pray the Rosary to Mary.  I was taught to be a good person and then that will help me get to Heaven.  I experienced many years of struggles and trials because I was constantly doing things on my own and doing it my way.  It took me to have a face to face encounter with God and I finally saw that he wasn't punishing.  He taught me that I do not need to punish myself anymore for my past because Jesus suffered for me.  My job is to forgive and follow Jesus.  Becoming a Christian was the best decision I have ever made in my whole life.  I was able to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, and I actually started to read the Bible for myself and see the TRUE character of God.  We do need to understand that God is a Just Judge and his standards are incredibly high, and we are not able to live up to them.  We do not need to beat ourselves up about this, because God already knew we couldn't live up to them.  God sent his ONLY Son Jesus to pay the penalty that we could of never paid ourselves.  God punished his ONLY Son for YOU and for ME!!!  He did this because he loves you so much and does not want you to suffer or go to hell.  This leads up to my next point, Love.

John 3:16 is the true definition of Love!!  Many people here on earth try and explain what "Love" is and they do not come close to it at all!!!  Here on earth we have "Conditional Love."  We love others when they are kind to us and help us out, but the moment they mess up and hurt us, then we cut them off.  It is easy for people to say that they would give their lives for their loved ones, but how about for a perfect stranger?  How about for a criminal?  How about for a murderer? How about for a sinner?  THIS IS WHAT JESUS DID!!!!!!!  THIS IS WHAT GOD DID!!!!!!!!!!!  You and I were born cursed and we were sentenced to hell for eternity.  We had NO Hope!!  God sent his Son for us because God IS LOVE!! We never asked Jesus to go to the cross, we never accepted what he did at the cross when we entered this world.  Jesus went because it was His Fathers Will, and God's Will for us IS LOVE!!!  Whenever you truly grasp how much God loves you, you will understand how much you do not deserve it and how much grace he freely gives you.  God doesn't want us to get caught in "works," he wants our hearts.  God has a specific will for each and every person and it is ONLY good!!  He wants to see us prosper and have an abundant life!  When we neglect God and continually mess up, he is kneeling down with his arms open wide, waiting for us to run to him.  Do you see God as Love?  I pray that you get a better picture of him now!!  A good example I can give is this: If you are a parent and have children, how do you act when they mess up?  Do you look forward to punishing your children?  Do you want to control your children?  Do you get joy from making them suffer?  NO!!!!  You want to teach them and explain that there is a better way then they know and you give them love.  This is how God is with us!!  He is Our Father, and we are His Children!!  Accept His Love and bathe in it, Jesus came so you can have an abundant life!!  I pray that after you read this blog that your eyes are opened and you receive true revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Please take a few minutes and click the link below and watch this video below and see the TRUE Character of Jesus Christ!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pray For One Another.....

This blog post is going to be short and to the point.  How many times can you honestly say that you have been in a situation and felt alone and needed prayer?  Have you asked for prayer from a close friend/relative/co-worker?  When you have asked for prayer has that person responded and prayed for you at that very moment?

We live in a generation today that is very self involved and many Christians today lack boldness.  Many Christians settle for the "normal" life and do not know how to properly exercise who they are IN Christ Jesus.  There have been many times when I needed prayer and the normal responses I have gotten were: "I will keep you in my prayers," "I will keep you in my thoughts," "Yes, I will pray for you." (And they walk away)  I do not want to judge anyone and I sincerely hope that when people say these popular phrases that they really are truly praying and interceding for that person that needs prayer.  Is it uncomfortable to pray out loud with someone?  Absolutely!!  Prayer is very intimate and many people are afraid of looking weird or not praying properly, etc.  The beauty is that God sees our heart and already knows what we are going to pray, so there is no need to try and "impress" him with fancy prayers.  The more you do something outside of your comfort zone, then the easier it becomes.  I can share a personal story that happened with myself that changed me forever.  I was pregnant with my second child at the time and someone close to us asked us for prayer for his wife who was sick in her bed, and of course my response was "Absolutely we will be praying for her."  As I walked away and went to work that day I noticed that the Holy Spirit was trying to speak to me during the day.  Something didn't sit right with me, and I could not figure out what it was.  I was finally able to figure out that I didn't like what happened that particular morning with how I responded.  Here my Husband and I were there with our friend and we could of prayed over his wife at that moment and we didn't.  I later went home and told my Husband that it bothered me that we didn't pray for her right when he asked for it, and that I let fear get the best of me that day.  I was shy and not used to exercising the boldness of who I am in Jesus Christ, and I chose to play it safe that day.  I vowed that I will NEVER let that happen again.  Jesus cannot FULLY use us unless we get BOLD for him and step outside of our comfort zone and get out of the boat and walk to him!!!  If a stranger needs prayer, I am locking hands at that moment with that person and praying out loud.  If a friend of mine needs prayer I am reaching out and praying out loud with that person.
When you truly understand the power of prayer and how it works, then you will want to do it at that EXACT moment!!!  I want to encourage other believers to step outside of your comfort zone and lift one another up in Christ.  We need to truly lift our brothers and sisters up and help one another.  Jesus calls us to do so, and we need to be stretched to our limits.  It is an absolute honor and privilege to be an ambassador for Christ and be battling for one another on the front line for him!!