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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Lord WILL Give You The Desires Of Your Heart...

The Bible verse Psalm 37:4 reads "Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart."  This entire blog post is going to be based on that verse.  I am going to give an amazing testimony of what the Lord did for one family that I have come to know and love.  I will explain on how the Lord can use people to pray on his behalf, and the true power of coming together and interceding on behalf of one another.  I will explain on the power of Tithing, and how this is the only place in the Bible on where God tells us to "TEST" him on it.  I want to first give a brief description of how I met this family.  My Mother works with this woman named Courtney, and as
co-workers they became close.  My Mom and I speak daily on the phone just to touch base and check in with one another.  My Mother in passing mentioned Courtney, and said that she was around my age and that she was having a difficult time.  She did not go into full detail of anything, she just mentioned a few things here and there.  The moment my Mother mentioned this Courtney, my heart immediately began to grieve and I just knew in my heart that I HAD to speak with her on the phone.  We live in different states, so the only way I could connect with her was over the telephone.  I told my Mom that I wanted to speak with her and I told her to ask her if she would speak with me.  I knew it was in Gods hands and that if he wanted us to connect, then it would happen.  A few days went by and sure enough she agreed to speak with me.  We would text a bit, and then we decided to have our first phone conversation.  I would have my Husband watch our children downstairs, and I would grab my Bible and notepad and go to our bedroom and lock myself in the room, so I could have complete privacy.  There were certain Bible verses the Lord put on my heart that I know I needed to share.  I knew that my specific place in this moment in time was to speak "Life" and "Encouragement" into her life and help strengthen her faith walk.  We began to have telephone conversations here and there and tried to talk as much as we could.  We would pray together on the phone, and we knew that we were in it together and that we had to STAND ON GODS WORD, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I did tell her the verse Malachi 3:10 "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house.  Test me in this, " says the LORD Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.
I told her and her husband to begin tithing immediately if they weren't already.  I just knew in my spirit that God wanted to bless them!  To give a short back story, Courtney wanted to be a Mother more than anything in the world.  She went under many tests and procedures and ended up doing IVF.  After several failed IVFs she was running out of options.  After the failed attempts she became discouraged.  I did not know much about IVF, but I did know what Gods Word had to say, and I did know that he is the Great Physician.  I had no doubt in my heart that this was going to be the time that it worked, because God wanted to bless her and her husband.  I knew that once they started Tithing, that it was the game changer that started it all.  God WANTS to bless his children, he does NOT want to punish his children.  We went over different Bible stories and talked about each appointment she went to.  I spoke with her and her husband (Eric) the night before they went to the hospital to have the implantation done.  I told Eric to lay hands on her womb each night and cover her in prayer.  As time passed she got her first positive pregnancy test!!  I told her to run outside and scream it as loud as she can "I AM PREGNANT!!!"  I knew that God was giving them the desires of their heart, and that he was giving them their little family that they have always wanted.  Now Courtney went through many "health scares" along the way.  Each time we would come together even stronger and stand BOLDLY on what HIS Word says and we agreed that we were NOT going to be moved by the things that we were seeing.  (2 Corinthians 5:7)  No matter how many health scares Courtney endured, these little girls would be moving during each ultrasound and be as healthy as can be!!!  It was almost God showing her " See, I have them in the palm of my hand, there is a shield of favor surrounding them." 

During these months of her pregnancy we became so very close.  We literally would talk daily through text messages and phone calls.  My husband Carlos, and Eric started talking and became friends.  We found out that the four of us have a lot in common and that we get along so well.  I want to fast forward and tell you that through all of the struggles that this couple endured, that the Lord blessed them with two healthy baby twin girls on June 1, 2015.  They are the most beautiful baby girls I have ever seen.  The family is healthy and doing well. 

I have been talking to Courtney now for over nine months and we never have met.  Last week was the first time I had the privilege of driving to their home and spending the day with this family.  I finally was able to meet Courtney, Eric, Baby Brooklyn, and Baby Bella in person!!!  It left me speechless when I walked in and saw the two little baby girls that we were believing God for!!!  All of our prayers were answered, and we were looking at the proof right in front of us!! My Mother and I spent the entire day at their home and had the most wonderful time.  I am proud to say that we are now going to be life long friends.  We even have made plans in the future to have them come down and stay with us in Florida so we can all go to Disney together.  I wanted to post pictures below from our visit!!
Courtney and I
Brooklyn and I
Bella and My Mom
Brooklyn and I
Bella and My Mom
Brooklyn and I
Bella and My Mom
Eric, Bella, and I
Eric and I
Courtney and I
The reason I wrote this blog post is to share the Mighty Power of Gods hand when he moves!! Being disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to lock arms with one another and pray for each other.  Many people are afraid of the unknown and the thought of speaking to a complete stranger intimidates them.  We are to be BOLD for Christ and step outside of our comfort zones.  We are to be moved by his spirit and have faith in what he can do. If you are going through a similar struggle with IVF and would like to connect with Courtney, I will put her blog address below.   Courtney has been able to reach so many other couples who are going through the struggles of IVF, and she can use her testimony of what the Lord did for her family.  Be encouraged and uplifted after reading this post.  God STILL does miracles today, and he uses people.  We are called to be prayer warriors for him and to STAND firmly on his word!!! NOTHING is impossible for God, and he loves to show his Mighty Hand.

Courtney's Blog Address:  https://godloveandscience.wordpress.com/


Thursday, June 4, 2015

How To Stay MOTIVATED....

It is always easy to have ambition when starting something new.  Maybe it is something that truly excites you and motivates you.  Maybe it is something you have been dreaming about for years, and you finally figured out a way on how to officially do it.  In my opinion, starting out is easy, the true battle is to see it through.  Many times we can start off strong in the beginning, but during the process we lose motivation/make excuses/or let our feelings dictate whether we will continue to do it or not.  The true battle is how to maintain the pace UNTIL you complete your goal/mission.  This blog post is going to be about the "In Between Process."  I am going to explain a concept that I personally use, that has truly helped me, and that I STILL use today.  It may seem simple to some of you, but I ask you to please bare with me, as I explain in detail on how I use this system.  First and foremost I have an Instagram account (KatyRoseTrains) where I document my fitness journey/fitness plans/diet programs/videos/pictures/etc.  So this blog post is going to be a spin off of what I show on my Instagram page.  The system I go by is a two step process:  1) Short Term Goals & 2) Long Term Goals

Some of you may just have rolled your eyes, because it is really that simple and nothing earth shattering.  I am still asking you to continue reading and please humor me as I explain in detail.  I first sit down and figure out what "Short term goals" I want to accomplish, and what "Long term goals" I want to accomplish.  After I decide on my goals, I then set a plan in place on how I can achieve these goals.  I am going to give you a short list on how you can TRULY be successful at what you are trying to accomplish.

How To Stay Motivated:

1)  Hold yourself accountable!!  I am not kidding, literally check in with yourself DAILY and see how you are doing on your goals.  Schedule a time each day and see how you are doing.

2)  Tell someone about your goals!!  Tell a close family member/friend/co-worker/etc.  It helps to have someone touch base with you, and ask how you are doing on your goals.

3)  Stop the excuses!! Many times we lie to ourselves and have specific things "get in the way" of why we aren't getting things done.  Remind yourself that these goals ARE IMPORTANT to you, and that they need to have a priority in your life!

4)  Reward yourself along the way!!  Give yourself "mini treats" along the way.  If you reach a small milestone, go out and reward yourself so you can be proud of yourself and feel accomplished!!

5)  Take it ONE day at a time!!  So many times we get discouraged on the process as a WHOLE, that we get overwhelmed and become discouraged.  Focus on each day as it comes!!

6)  Do NOT be hard on yourself!!  We are GOING to fail in life, that is why Jesus came because he knew we couldn't get it "right."  Do not be so hard on yourself.  If you lose focus, do not beat yourself up!!  My favorite quote is "Fall Seven Times And Stand Up Eight!"

7)  Compare yourself to YOURSELF!!  Don't you dare compare yourself to others!!  You can use other people as motivation, but that is as far as it goes.  Each person is at a different place in their life and each person's story is different.

8)  Enjoy the journey!!  Enjoy the journey and find peace knowing that there is a plan in place, and that you are doing everything that you can do!!!

So, that is my short list on how to keep the fire burning throughout the journey.  Now personally I do not know what short term goals or long term goals that you are planning for, but I hope this list above helps.

The importance of having short term goals along WITH long term goals is because you need to ALWAYS be looking forward towards something.  If you only have short term goals, then eventually you will reach them and then come to a Dead End!!  The long term goals really help you press forward.  To give an example of how I have used this system in the past, was when I was training for my first Half Marathon.  Here is my process below:

                Short Term Goal              Steps To Achieve                             Long Term Goal

Start Running                              Find a running schedule                       Run a Half Marathon

My eyes were focused on my Long Term Goal, and I knew I had to come up with a plan in order to achieve it.  I found a running plan that was 4 months long that worked for my schedule.  I printed it out, and put it on my fridge.  I told everyone on my Instagram account my plan and told my Husband and Church family.  I stuck with the plan when it got hard because I had my eyes focused on my LONG TERM GOAL!!! I rewarded myself along the way with new workout clothes and running shoes.  I was able to accomplish my goal and run my first Half Marathon.

At the moment, I am currently using this system with the plan I am doing right now.  The plan that I am currently doing is more of a "Lifestyle goal!"  It goes with eating right and working out, and making sure I stay on top of it, to where it becomes my routine.  I am 3 weeks into it, and I am already seeing a difference with how I look at food, and I am starting to see that I am no longer craving bad foods.

I really pray that this blog post inspired you, and helped you get a plan in place with how to accomplish what you want in life!!  I hope the checklist gave some insight and helped you along your journey!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


 The title of this blog post will pretty much give you a good idea of what this post is going to be about.  I am just going to get right into it and start off by saying this....... YOU ARE BLESSED!!!!  WE ARE BLESSED!!!!

I was reminded tonight as I was tossing and turning in bed that I needed to have alone time with God and have a deep talk with him.  The Holy Spirit reminded me how blessed I truly am, and how much I miss out on because I forget to see the small things in life.  We need to truly grasp the concept in our minds that we are only promised one day at a time.  Each morning that we open up our eyes and take a breathe out of our nostrils, that we can only take that day into account.  We cannot worry about the next day or the day after.  We just need to focus on what that day!  We need to remind ourselves all of the little things that we can sometimes find ourselves complaining about.  I remember a long time ago before I had kids, I used to have a car that had no air conditioning.  I used to complain about how hot it was and how annoying it was.  I finally learned to be thankful in that area and realize how blessed I was that I had a working vehicle.  What happens with us is that we become spoiled, and we focus on what we don't have, instead of what we do have.  This is a tough mindset to break, but when you are able to "think things on purpose" then breaking that mindset can begin.

I have found myself recently riding these waves of emotions.  At times I am so overwhelmed that I feel like I could break at any moment, and at other times I am fine.  I have had to do alot of soul searching and have scheduled "alone" time with myself.  Being a full time stay at home mother is difficult when you try to find "alone" time, but I am blessed because my Husband makes sure I am able to go off alone, and spend some time alone with myself.

An important life principle to grasp is that: we are here for Gods purpose, and we are here to serve others.  We are NOT here for ourselves!!!  So many people spend time focusing on themselves and make it all about themselves, and miss out blessing after blessing along the way.  The tricky thing to keep in mind is that we need to first be ok with ourselves BEFORE we start serving others.  If we are not good for ourselves, then we will be no help to others.  If you find yourself struggling at the moment then go through this quick  checklist and hopefully this will help you get started!

1)  Did I have scheduled time with God today?

2)  Have I written out a list of blessings (so when I get down I can remind myself) ?

3)  Am I thinking before I speak out loud?

4)  Do I find myself speaking Life or Death?

5)  Am I complaining?

6)  Do I thank God DAILY for everything?

7)  Am I looking each day to bless someone or focusing on myself?

8)  Do I read the Bible?

9)  Do I put Gods Word above my own?

10) What is the state of my heart?

This little checklist will help you look at yourself and see how you can get started to focusing on one day at a time, and realizing how blessed you truly are.  If you still do not know what to thank God for, let me help get you started :)

- Running Water (There are people in other countries that have to walk MILES a day for just one bucket of clean water.  They use this water for drinking and for bathing)
- Electricity
- Food
- Shelter
- Job
- Health
- Salvation
- Clothes
- Medicine
- The Bible
- Family
- Vehicle

I want you to lift your head up and realize how blessed you truly are!!!!  I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit got a hold of me tonight and put this message on my heart!!  WE ARE BLESSED!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Have Realistic Balance...

I did a short video below to explain the reason behind this blog post. I think this is probably one of the most important posts I have ever written.  It is something that needs to be addressed to everyone because so many of us are stressed out and hurt from the affects of the world.  This video is 10 minutes long, see why this post is so special to me.  The rest of my blog post is below :) Enjoy!!

As people we are always striving for Order and Balance.  It is never fun to be overwhelmed and stressed out.  So if it is not fun, then why do we do it?  Simply because we never take the time to stop and get a clear picture on what REALLY matters in life.  This world throws thousands of different things in front of us daily to where we are constantly cluttered with too much stuff in our heads.  It usually takes something serious to happen in order for us to finally pay attention and see what truly matters in life.

I want each person to carefully read what the image above says.  Be honest and true with yourself and see what you would do with it.  This is the truth!!!  We are only promised each day!! We honestly cannot look at it as a whole, we need to take it minute by minute and day by day.  People get so focused on what is happening tomorrow or next week or next month, and never just focus on the day at hand.  I honestly feel if we truly just took it one day at a time, then we wouldn't be running around so chaotic.  I am going to share personal struggles that I deal with in this blog post.

Several months ago I taught a Bible study in my home and the topic was "How To Have A Mary Heart In A Martha World."  I have books sent to me to review because I blog and this particular book was sent to me.  It even came along with Study Guides and a DVD series.  I knew it was placed in my hands for a specific reason and I knew I had to share with women that I knew.  I invited a small select group that I knew were hungry for Gods Word and wanted to truly grow in their faith walk.  This was a two month series that I taught and I can honestly say we all learned so much.  The image I posted above is something that I still struggle with today.  The image reads "Sometimes it's okay if the only thing you did today was breathe."  While teaching this series the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I had a "Martha Heart."  I was constantly DOING and GOING from one thing to the next.  My Husband and I were greatly involved in our church being used in every direction and leading groups and teaching etc.  I got so used to being on autopilot that I didn't get a chance to just clear my calendar,  sit back, and breathe.  I realized that I had become a "people pleaser."  I was constantly doing for everyone else around me and not taking care of myself properly.  I naturally have an "ALL OR NOTHING" attitude so the word "MODERATION" didn't sit well with me at all.  In fact it was completely foreign to me.  I learned through this series that I had to learn to say NO to people.  I had to learn that people ARE going to be offended and gossip about you, and it is ok.  I had to realize that I didn't need to explain myself to anyone because as long as I had peace, and it lined up with Gods Word, then I was ok.

When we are believers and we have Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior then we know that we are not alone in this life.  We no longer have to fight to swim up the current.  We no longer have to worry about drowning or suffering.  We know that we have been crucified with Christ and we are placed IN him.  We are instructed as believers to rest IN him and to abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  God does not make it hard for us.  He makes easy enough for everyone!! We need to trust in him, and not be moved by the things we see.  I have found with myself that when I was volunteering at our church I was giving EVERYTHING I had and when I came home I had nothing left for myself or for my family.  I would counsel people for hours on the telephone while my daughter watched t.v.  I was missing time with my daughter because I was a people pleaser and didn't learn boundaries.  It took me to learn this by trial and error.  I became dedicated to fitness and gave my EVERYTHING and then other areas of my life were slacking. I struggled to find a healthy balance.  I would give myself completely in one area and then fall short in three other areas.

Each person has their own personal struggles so I really pray that this post speaks to you.  I hope by me sharing my personal struggles, that maybe it might help at least one person.  I had to STOP being a people pleaser and understand that I need to take care of myself first.  If I am not good with myself then I am not good for anybody.  I had to take that MUCH NEEDED time to close people out and focus on myself.  I needed to grow in my own faith walk and take a long break from pouring into others.  I spent so much of my time pouring into others and had the hardest time understanding why I was so empty on the inside.  It seemed like I could help everyone else but myself.  Of course people got offended along the way but to be 100% honest it is something that I cannot try and figure out, it is between them and God.  I am only responsible for my part, and that is what I will have to answer for when I stand before God, and I can honestly say I am good with that.  I had to learn to not take things so personal.  Remember earlier above I mentioned that we need to get a clear visual of what REALLY matters in life?  Well that is what I am talking about.  When someone comes at you a certain way or is in a bad place and takes it out on you, we are to not take it personal.  When we step back and access the situation we can understand that the person is in pain and is going through something themselves, and they do not know how to properly handle it.  Maybe that person doesn't even have Jesus in their life.  So instead of taking things personal and carrying around offense, I have had to learn to forgive without even asking for an apology.  That person might not even know that I have forgiven them.  

Through this life we are constantly HOLDING on to things and LETTING go of things.  We find out quickly what works and what doesn't work.  I have had to ask myself deep questions just so I could truly see where my head and heart were at with certain issues.  I will give you the questions below of what I asked myself:

1) Can I honestly say that I am being the best wife that I can possible be? Is there more that I can do?
2) Am I doing everything I can for my children? Is there more that I can do?
3) Am I making excuses for myself? Am I playing games with myself?
4) What are the 3 most important things to me in life?
5) If today was my last day, would I be proud of my last day on earth?
6) What are some things that people would say about me after I am gone?
7) Have I been a true disciple of Jesus Christ on this earth?
8) Have I been seeking God with my WHOLE heart?
9) Am I being a hypocrite?
10) Am I truly living to please God and please him alone?

Maybe some of you need to ask yourself those questions and be real with yourself.  You will have a true one on one with God.  The next step is that when you find out those true answers then you need to come up with a plan.  How can you stop your bad habits and start to make good ones?? You need to PLAN ON PURPOSE!!  Get a list out and start writing!! Be realistic with yourself!! Post reminders up in certain areas of your house so you can truly succeed.  Have accountability partners to check in with you once a week.  Ask your family/spouse/friends/co-workers how you are doing on the areas you are trying to work on.  

My last most important tip is........... TO SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH GOD!!  The true revelation, wisdom, and change comes from him and reading his word.  So many times we focus on what is wrong with everyone else and not with ourselves.  When you are reading Gods word he begins to speak to you and it is in the most gentle correction you will ever receive.  You won't have a God that is shouting at you and making you feel condemned.  It will be a quiet whisper, it will be a gentle tap on the shoulder, you will feel two arms behind you hugging you.  It is the most loving way of correction you will ever receive.  So please I truly pray that this blog post spoke to you personally. Feel free to read it again.  Sometimes when you read things several times, certain things will stand out each time you read it.  I myself still continue to work on having a realistic balance, and I hope you are able to join me in that journey! :)  God Bless!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just Dance

I wanted to share something on my blog that I have never shared before on here.  My blog is usually on Faith and Fitness posts, but today it will be about dancing!!  I wanted to write a post and share our experience on taking dance lessons for the first time.  My husband and I are always looking for new things to do with each other.  I decided to research dance classes near the area because in the past my husband and I talked about taking dance classes together.  I was able to locate a dance studio named "DanceForever."  I spoke with someone on the phone and they let me know when class sessions started and how much they would be.  We decided to do a 6 week session and learn Salsa Dance.  The price was very reasonable and it was scheduled for Monday Nights for one hour 7pm-8pm.  My Husband and I were excited and nervous because we didn't know what to expect.  We walked into the studio and it looked like something from "Dancing With The Stars."  The dance studio was very clean and it seemed to sparkle.  They had dance costumes set up in one area, and a sitting area in another area.  All of the instructors had a smile on their face and were more than happy to help us with any questions we had.  Dance class started at 7pm and we got to meet our instructor.  He began explaining the history of Salsa dancing and told us the basic steps we were going to learn in the 6 weeks.  He would first show us a demo of the step that we were going to learn for the night, then he would break it down in small steps.  The "leaders" were on one side of the room, and the "followers" were on the other side of the room.  He would go over the leaders part several times with them, then he would teach the followers.  We learned the "count" for the very first time in class. (1,2,3...5,6,7)
We then got to practice the dance with each other and at the end of the lesson.  At the very end of class our instructor let us film him so we could practice the step at home.  I was pleasantly surprised on how simple they were able to break it down for us.  I thought I was going to be lost during the entire 6 weeks, but they made it so easy to learn.  

We just finished our 6 weeks and we finally were able to put all of the steps together.  We now have more confidence in our dancing, and we love practicing the dance together.  It is so much fun to be able to move with one another and be in step with each other.  Carlos is Venezuelan and has danced before to salsa, but I never had the opportunity to learn Salsa.  I have always loved Spanish music and would always make up my own dances, but now I can actually do a legit Salsa Dance.  

The Dance Studio told us they have "Friday Night Dance Nights."  They teach a dance lesson at 7pm then from 8pm-10pm they have an open dance for everyone.  We were excited to check this out, so we made sure to get a babysitter, so we could at least check out Dance Night.  We arrived at 7pm and they were teaching "Tango."  I was very excited to learn this dance because it is such a beautiful and romantic dance.  I love how dramatic the music is, and how both people move as one.  I was surprised how fast the hour flew by, and before I knew it, we were both doing the tango.  As of right now, this was my favorite style of dance.  I loved doing the "Fan."  

Open Dance started and they would announce different styles of dance.  The instructors are there as well, so you have the opportunity to dance with the instructors.  They moved throughout the night between different styles of dance.  We very much enjoyed Friday Night Dance and would recommend it to others.

We are somewhat sad that our 6 week class has officially ended, because we looked forward to it so much.  We are now going to be looking into taking "Private Dance Lessons" with the Instructor that taught us Salsa.  We loved the way he taught us, and how simple he made it.  Every teacher has their style, and Carlos and I liked the way he taught us.  We are excited to see what other styles of dance we can learn.  Dancing is such a fun activity to do with one another, and it honestly brings you closer as a couple.  

We are so thankful that we found DanceForever and we would not dance at another studio.  This is now our dancing home, and whenever we want to dance, we will always come here.  We would recommend it to everyone in the area.  We honestly believe you will feel the same warm welcome that we did.  We are planning to film a short video of us dancing Salsa and also Tango.  I wanted to put the information to the dance studio that I keep mentioning.  I will put their link below and that way you can view their dance calendar and see what they have to offer.

Here is the link to their webpage

Here is the link to their facebook group page

Monday, March 23, 2015

3 Important Lessons In Life... (And My Formula For Life)

I wanted to write a brief blog post and share some wisdom and understanding that I have learned in the last few days.  It seems we all go through life struggling and constantly trying to find our purpose.  This life honestly is so difficult, and it is because this is not our home.  We are constantly trying to "fit" in a place where we are not meant to "fit."  I know the last post I wrote was pretty long, so I wanted to keep this one short and brief.  I will just jump right into the important lessons that I have learned, that I wanted to share with everyone.  I pray with my whole heart that this post brings enlightenment and knowledge.

#1)    Make It About The Other Person:  This wisdom comes straight from my Mother, and this honestly really caught my attention.  She told me to ALWAYS make it about the other person, and never about yourself.  This can go with spouse, kids, family members, co-workers, friends, strangers, enemies, etc.  Naturally we live in a "ME" serving world, and naturally our selfish desires want to be met first.  I am currently learning this lesson at the moment, and this concept was something powerful that I needed to hear and understand.  We can feel heavy and burdened when we focus on ourselves and everything that we are going through, and before you know it, the walls feel like they are closing in on us, and we cannot get out.  If I would of learned this concept a long time ago, it would of honestly saved me alot of tears and pain.

#2)    Say Gods Word ABOVE Your Own:  This is something I have recently learned as well.  The key with this lesson is that you have to know what Gods Word says.  The amazing thing about most Bibles is that in the back of the book they usually give a variety of titles and scriptures that go along with it.  So if in the moment you experience Fear then you find the title Fear, and a variety of scriptures that talk about that subject.  I want to encourage you if you are struggling with something at the moment, grab your Bible and see what Gods Word has to say about that particular subject.  Just last night I had to go to a particular subject to see what Gods Word said about what I was experiencing.  Many times a certain cycle repeats itself and we have trouble figuring out how to break it.  I have come up with my own formula and I will share it:

Cause of Event + Trigger + Decision = Result (Life Or Death)

So the first thing that happens is that there is an event that starts off.  It could be something planned or something that caught you by surprise.  An example could be an argument/ Loss of Job/ Bad News/ A death etc.

The second this is a Trigger.  This event has now caused a trigger to go off inside of us that starts a reaction and starts our feelings and thought process to follow.  These triggers are powerful and strong and can at times over take us at a great speed.

The third is the Decision.  Those triggers will then help us form our decision and this decision part of the process is the biggest part of the formula.  When we make this decision we will then reach our Result.

The last part of the formula is Result.  The result will always be one of two things: Life Or Death.
Life and Death are in the power of the tongue, so whatever we speak or do will be Life Or Death.

As you can see this formula can work at different speeds.  It will be different every single time, and it will ALWAYS catch you off guard.  That is why during the "Decision" process we need to run to Gods Word and see what HE has to say about it. When we spend time seeing what he has to say, then usually our "Result" will be Gods Will and His Way and end up in Life.  We cannot think we can do this life on our own, it is too difficult and we will fail every single time if we do it in our own strength.  We are not made to operate alone in this life without the manual (Gods Word)

#3)  Don't Think You Are Smart:  Many times as we get older we tend to think that we have become smart enough for our own good.  We tend to measure ourselves against one another, and determine if we know more than others.  In the Bible it says we are to have faith as a child.  We are to be simple, humble, and trusting.  Many times in order for us to "trust" we need to see facts and then base that on our decision.  When you tell a child to have trust, they do 100% and ask no questions.  We are to trust God at his Word.  We should try to keep things simple, and not complicate our lives with work and technology.  The world is very good at keeping people distracted and we need to shut everything off and keep it simple.  Every single time I go for a night run, I purposely leave my headphones at home.  I like to have peace and quiet and just hear my thoughts and the sound of my feet hitting the pavement.  I like to look up at the sky and see the starts and just imagine what Abraham felt when he would look at the stars and talk to God.  You know Abraham didn't have all of the distractions, and he was able to focus and get alone with God.  So keep it SIMPLE!!

I hope this blog post helped each person that read it, and I pray that someones life was changed.  I know mine was certainly affected, and I am excited that I am moving in the right direction!! Have a blessed week everyone! God Bless, KatyRose

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Feeling Like Cinderella....

Today is my Birthday and I turn 31 years old!! I feel so special and the Lord above has blessed me so much!!  I honestly feel like I am on top of the world!!  I have the most wonderful Husband who daily encourages me and tells me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me!! I have the most amazing children that inspire me to become a better Mother each day!! I have my amazing church family that I get to have as an amazing support system as I go through life! I am blessed with my family that spend time pouring into me, and helping me as I grow older.  I wanted to share this amazing letter that my Husband wrote me today on my Birthday!!  I honestly feel like Cinderella herself!!